To Each His Own…

… to a point. 

Now, I’m all for living and letting live, and do what thou will an ye harm none, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and all that.  But some people?  Are WEIRD. 

I was watching a marathon of “Taboo” on the National Geographic Channel (Toldja, total geek) and there are some crazy damn white people out there.  I say white people, because you very seldom see any African American or Hispanic crazy people on these shows — I’m not saying they don’t have them, they just keep theirs hid a lot better.  And while you do see Asians, they’re usually Japanese, and Japan’s entire culture is vaguely pornographic and… sticky… so that doesn’t count.

There’s the lady who can’t have a real baby so she makes creepy life-like looking dolls… and CARRIES THEM AROUND TOWN WITH HER.  Like, you’re sitting at the Denny’s eating your Grand Slam, and you see this creepy-looking baby at the next table… who’s not moving… or blinking… or breathingOHMYGODTHATWOMANISEATINGWITHADEADBABY!

Then there’s the “Adult Baby” dude — yes, he’s a grown ass man who sleeps in a crib and wears a diaper, but it’s not a sex thing!  No, it’s not!  It’s a stress reliever… I guess to relieve the stress of being such a fucking wackjob.

Basically, I will fight for your right to “do you” as they say on “Jersey Shore,” but could you please do it in your house where other people don’t have to know about it?  In the words of Queen Victoria, “You’re scaring the motherfucking horses.”

Now some updates:

The rheumatologist went well, she’s doing more bloodwork to determine just how fucked I am.  And apparently my hips are what’s causing the problems in my knees — when she pushed on my knees it was just unpleasant, but when she pushed on my hips I like to decked her one.  She’s got me on an antiinflammatory called Mobic right now, we’ll see how it flies.

The kittens are settling in a little more… Mina actually got brave enough to tap Callie Jean on the nose last time CJ hissed at her!  Then she ran away, of course.  I think the babies really want to play with Callie, but she’s still confused by mice that talk!

Dear Sweet Mama is out west taking care of her ailing sister again… and Chuckweasel’s mama AND daddy are in the hospital, so send all the good vibes you got! 

Love and kisses, HH



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25 responses to “To Each His Own…

  1. I hope everyone gets well soon!


  2. I have the hips-messing-with-the-knees thing too, but I think it’s jealousy. Knees get to be closer to my fabulous shoes and all.

    As to DSM’s sister and Chuckweasel’s parentage, I’m doing some good voodoo for them. Soon as I find a virgin chicken. Or I might cheat and use some KFC.


    • better head for the Colonel, you’ll never find a chicken that isn’t a whore (they’re surrounded by cocks, you know). And that is a FABULOUS reason for why my hips hate my knees!


  3. People are WEIRD. I know just what you mean. Have you ever watched TLC’s show “My Crazy Addiction” (or somethign like that)? Like people who eat laundry detergent or sleep with their blow dryer. Effing NUTS. It takes one to know one. Trust me.

    Hope the meds help, and best to your family.


  4. Sending warm vibes and a high five: Taboo on NatGeo is just too much fun.

    MAN but people are weird! Well, some are weird, and some like to watch weird. 🙂



  5. So, I twisted my ankle last year and it threw out both knees and both hips over the course of about a month. So then I took a class with a physical therapist and he showed me that I was walking and running wrong. Who knew? I figured as long as I staid upright, I was golden. Oh no. On the other hand, a year later, and I am not broken in any way, so maybe there was something to it.

    And I’ll totally light a candle for the hospitalized ones.


    • yeah, I got told pretty much the same thing — basically, I’ve been doing this whole “walking” and “standing” thing incorrectly for my entire life! I always thought I had at least ONE skill down pat!


  6. T&P for the CW’s parentals and DSM’s sister. Hope the mobic does the trick for you. Nothing more frustrating than “Let’s try to find a med that works!” If it’s going to be a shitty game show, I’d certainly expect some shitty prizes besides side effects. Can’t I get a KIA or some shit?

    And really, when you have some time, some kitteh pictures would be awesome. I’m sure we could come up with some great LOLcat captions.

    Get better. All y’all.


    • I’m working on figuring out the picture thing, and thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! So far, I hurt LESS, but I don’t NOT HURT, which was my goal…


  7. My back is permanently messed up from what we fondly call The Year of the Limp. The year that I tore a tendon in my knee the first week of cross country season, kept running, got a stress fracture in the other shin from limping/running, and just as that healed up I put a hole in my knee cap.

    Hope you’ve got a winning drug on the first try. That would be most awesome.


  8. Hope all of the ill are back to good health soon!

    I don’t know the show “taboo” but it sounds like something that my sister and I need to watch and crack on!


  9. I wonder how often the baby lady creeps ppl out. And what about when she goes to an airport and has to put it threw the bag check…


    • oh goddess, this is why I love you people — the mental image of her shoving that horrible thing thru the x-ray machine is PRICELESS! And is it bad that I would be hoping it got stuck?


  10. Sending lots of (((good vibes))) for the sickies. And now I feel slightly dirty because it’s impossible for me to think of vibes without thinking of, you know, vibes.

    I used to fix up dolls to resell on Ebay and ran into the reborn thing around that time. I GET the appeal of trying to make a doll more lifelike, it’s the taking it around and treating it like a real baby that creeps me the fuck out. Also, the guy with the baby fetish reminds me of the CSI episode that dealt with the same thing. I’ve always wanted to get a t-shirt that says, “All I know about sex I learned from CSI,” which is unfortunately all too true. Baby fetishes, furries….between CSI and the X-FIles, nothing shocks me anymore.


  11. I know, every time I think nothing can surprise me anymore, I find myself yelling “You sick fuck!” at some idiot on the TV. People are just WEIRD.


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  13. I took Mobic for my tail. It didn’t work. Rx twinsies!

    Also, KITTENS!


    • Yay, we are both broken in a similar way! And even more so, since your weird tail thing has to be genetic and my weird floppy hip joints are, too! I think this means we should team up and fight crime…


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