Doctor, Doctor

Well, I’m off to see the rheumatologist today (yeah, it really did take that long to get an appointment!) and find out how screwed up I really am.  I’m hoping for some kind of anti-inflammatory something for all the time along with something for pain as-needed… but I always get wigged out trying to ask for pain pills ’cause I don’t want to look like a junkie!  There’s just no way to have that conversation in today’s society without getting your name put on a list!

Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice, the kittens are settling in nicely… other than the fact that they seem to want to kill each other.  I’m pretty settled on Mina and Lucy for the bitey girls, but I’m vacillating on the boy — I WANT to name him Harker because his sisters keep trying to kill him, but he LOOKS like a Marceau!  Maybe Harker is his middle name… As for Queen Callie Jean, she’s stopped hissing at them and started stalking them, which may or may not be an improvement.  But we ARE all sleeping in the same bed… when the damn kittens decide to sleep!

All in all, I have decided I can’t have human babies until I learn better parenting skills… right now, I let them fight until someone squeaks, then reach in and grab whichever one I can get and separate them.  I don’t think CPS would approve of that!



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22 responses to “Doctor, Doctor

  1. Don’t worry you did just have triplets, that’s hard for any mom. I used a similar technique, they can play fight but if someone isn’t playing any more it stops.
    Good look at the rheumatologist, at least asking for pain pills for when it’s bad is better than asking for pain pills, for daily use.


  2. at least I’m not breastfeeding the triplets, although a couple of them seem to think so! YOWCH!


  3. Isn’t that what Dr. Spock said to do? Or was that Mister Spock? No, no, he said “Live long and prosper.”

    Hope your appointment goes well.


  4. Good luck with the rheumatologist. My daughter sees a fantastic one and she is changing pain pills all of the time . Her goal is to become a drug overlord and pay her tuition for college – or just skip school and stick to the overlord business.

    You parenting skills are right on target – it goes along with telling kids not to bother you unless there is a lot of blood and a bone is showing!


  5. Seems like we’re all on the same page with the fighting is fine as long as all parties are having fun. Cats have to determine their pecking order – it is very important to pack dynamics. Of course Queen CJ is at the top, but who will be her second in command? Even minions need structure.

    Good luck at the doc’s.


  6. It’s nice to know I am not the only one with dreams of being a crazy cat lady.

    I use the dog to watch the cats. She hates it when the cats fight, so she runs to wherever they are and breaks it up. Much easier than trying to patrol the kitten brigade on my own.


  7. My mom broke me and my siblings of fighting…well just screaming a crying about it, because if one of us threw a fit we’d all get a beating.


  8. DearSweetMama

    Call me baby and let me know how it goes. You are doing a good job with those babies – better than some human babies get – and you were willing to take in the abandoned! Ask for the pain meds and to hell with the list. We have to come up with something other than Marceau – I hate me some mimes and clowns. Maybe just Marcel. Though I don’t think that fools me.


  9. Don’t worry about the kitten fighting — it’s all good until there’s blood. And as they get older, arterial blood. Come to think of it, that’s also good advice for raising kids.

    I’m horrible with asking for pain pills too but that’s because I was raised by Spartans. I almost died a few times as a kid because pretty much anything short of coma is greeted with, “You complain too much.” Even now, I can’t tell them anything because they’re all, “You know, the gal up the street gave birth to twins in the field, then she was up and about the next morning making pancakes for the entire family!” And I find myself thinking, is there a follow-up to this story? Did she collapse later? Do I know this person? Are people who go to hospitals losers? WHAT IS YOUR POINT? Also, how is it that nobody has stabbed my family yet?

    Good luck at the doctor and leave your inner Spartan at home.


    • I think my physical therapists hate me because I’ll keep doing the exercises even though they hurt — they’re like, Why didn’t you stop?” and I’m like, “But you SAID to do ten… SPARTAAAAAH!”


  10. I don’t think you have to worry too much about being labelled a junkie unless you go in there with a twitch, tell them you’re feeling stabby, and have the vampire kittehs in your pockets. That might make them alert the local LEOs. (doesn’t my svu/csi talk make me sound fancy?)

    In all seriousness, I hope your appointment went well and you can get some relief soon. How git in tha kitchen and make me laugh, gawdammit!


    • I learned “local LEO’s” from NCIS — Mark Harmon is so freakin’ hot! And I am totally creating a new martial art that uses vampire kittens as weapons (kinda like the Crazy Cat Lady on the Simpsons who throws cats at people?). I will call it… Kitten-Fu.


      • I often dream of a Mark Harmon/Michael Weatherly/Christopher Meloni sandwich.

        Now, here is the most important queston: Mark Harmon – NCIS, or Mark Harmon – Summer School???

        Tell me I’m not the only one who finds that movie absolute amazeballs.


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