Oh, Dear

So, Callie Jean and I were considering adopting an orphan kitteh… then it became 2 kittehs… and then I got over to the lady who had rescued the kittehs and there were, of course, THREE kittehs.  So I couldn’t leave one out, so now we have adopted a big ol’ Brangelina passel of orphans.  So, I’m waiting on a call from whoever’s in charge of appointing Ambassadors or whatever the hell The Jolie is… Callie Jean can’t be one, ’cause I’ve decided she’s the Brad in this relationship (mostly because she has so far been NO HELP, unless you consider occasional hissing to be “help,”), which means she only gets to carry around the diaper bag and look morose.

Anyhoo, they’re all grey and white just like Queen CJ, so hopefully that will make her realize that they’re cats pretty soon — right now, I think she thinks they’re large, mobile mice.  It doesn’t help that all three of them keep crawling into Mouseschwitz to sleep!

As for names, I’m thinking of naming the one we think is the boy “Marceau” because his facial markings make him look like a mime.  One of the girls will probably be “Mina” (from Dracula) because she bites.  The other girl was going to be “Jacques” after Jacques Cousteau because she was the first one to get out of the box and go exploring, but now I think she’s a girl, so I’m still thinking.  I need an explorer-type name with no smallpox connotations!



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30 responses to “Oh, Dear

  1. Lizzybeth

    Well duh… Dora. She even comes with her own them song. “Da da da da da Dora”. Okay, maybe little cheesy. Yeah, a LOT cheesy. So how about Cheddar. And you can tell the whole story any time someone asks why you named your cat after a cheese.


  2. Lizzybeth

    Yeah, I agree, but now you have the theme song in your head… you’re welcome. 😀


  3. PICTURES!!!!
    Hmm, maybe name her Harriet, after Harriet Adams, then if she turns out to be a he call him Harry 🙂 (after potter of course)


  4. OK, so I just was looking at a website that was all black with white lettering and then I came over here so now I cannot tell whether I am getting a migraine aura or have just had way to many espressos today (but no cigarettes, ain’t I just fucking awesome).
    Anyway, I have some advice: Never, ever adopt a cat that hisses at you from the get-go. A friend of mine had a cat named ‘Cool’ who never did anything other than hide under the bed and hiss. No clue what he did while everyone was asleep, though she did say that she sometimes woke up smelling like musk (the nasty animal kind, not the refined kind they put in soap and perfume).
    She loved that cat, though, for whatever fucking reason. I don’t understand it. I love my cats, too, but they know that if they start hissing they’re out on their asses with more than just their testicles missing.
    Anyway, good luck with that. And Happy Monday!


    • the one doing the hissing is Queen Callie Jean, and she’s not hissing at me, just at the strange new critters in her house. I really don’t think she knows what they are!


  5. I can not believe you have kittens and there are no photos. Girl, you get blog karma for baby animal pics.


  6. Sacagawea. Then you can call here Sac, and when Marceau and she grow up a bit and get frisky, you can yell “Marceau! Get out of that Sac!”
    Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.

    I want baby sisters for Monkey but she’d eat them. She told me so. In vivid detail, with flipcharts and later a powerpoint presentation.


  7. “Her”, not “here”. Dammit.


  8. Yay for minions! CJ is just breaking them down, like they do in the military. “You’re in my world now, boy! Scissor kicks! Now swat that mousie!”


  9. Does this officially make you a “cat lady?”


  10. I agree with Laura, you got kitten by gum… you post them.

    It is like hitting the trifecta only it is a trifecta so I will give myself some points.


  11. DearSweetMama

    Being currently in Oregon, I go for Sacajawea – in fact, you could add Lewis and Clark to the equation and change it to Louise or Clarkie depending on specifications. 3 kittehs – good goddess, girlfriend – a bit overdone, don’t you think? Maybe i will steal one when I come down. If I ever get out of Oregon.


    • you can’t steal one, the whole reason I took all 3 was so they wouldn’t be separated (they really do love each other when no one is biting anyone else on the face!).


  12. Picatures? only the soul-less can resist kitten pics 🙂 ! I have two older cats and have tried to get another kitten but Louie (female) is jealous of girl cats and Duke (male) would eat a boy cat…..so I must enjoy baby kitties vicariously….


  13. The girl in Dracula who became a vampire was actually Lucy, so the biter should be named Lucy. The explorer should be Magellan (Maggie for short, or possibly Ellen — you pick). And I don’t approve of naming kittens after mimes….that just sets a bad precedent. I’m thinking Phantom, as in the Opera.


    • I was going to go with The Phantom of the Opera reference, but then I remembered the Phantom’s actual name was the name as one of my long-ago exes, so ew. Can’t do it. And I hate me some mimes, too, but it really does fit him… unless I change his name to Harker because his sisters (who are now Mina AND Lucy, because they BOTH now bite) won’t stop biting his head!


  14. Oh come on, really! I’m going to be the ONLY one who supports Brangelina naming? Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh? NO… to weird, even for cats? Boo.


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