They Got Me

Yeah, yeah, I know.  Smallpox and syphillis… Highland Clearances… Stamp Act… East India Company… Potato Famine…   I get it, okay?  But that doesn’t mean I’m Not.  Fucking. Watching.  OF COURSE I AM.  And crying.  At work.

Dude, I watched his PARENTS get married, I used to have a crush on his UNCLE (yes, I’m old).  I cried through the night when his mother died, and like to lost my damn mind watching her funeral.  And I’m going home later to update my “Royal Line of Succession” book (You, the other one?  Younger Prince?  Looks like you’re my last hope, come over here and sit on Mama’s lap…).

So yeah, I’m one of the bazillions of sheep watching the Royal Wedding like we’re all supposed to, but that works out GREAT for you bitches! 

See, I’ve decided to start a new section on my Blogroll entitled, “The Royal Court.”  This is the people who have automatic places in my post-apocolyptic government (you’ll see their future titles if you hover your mouse over them).

Don’t have a title?  Tell me what you should be.  Not on the list?  Comment, bitches.  Comment well and comment often.  There’s an MRE in it for ya.



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30 responses to “They Got Me

  1. Lizzybeth

    Yea, must admit that I watched it too. Hub even recorded it (his own doin’s) in case I missed something during the ride to work. It seemed much like a family affair (if your family wore a lot of Hoo-ville hats and included 1,000 of your closest relatives, sultans, monarchs, the entire army, airforce, and navy…). Really liked The Dress.


  2. hello and welcome! Chuckweasel was the exact opposite — he has been forbidden to touch the living room TV (which is DVR-ing 2 different versions) because he is so NOT ABOUT THE WEDDING. Wanna bet he watches it with me when I get home?


  3. They got me too. I’m blogging about it also. Sigh.


  4. Yeah. I watched it ’cause I too watched the marriage of Diana and Charles and her funeral. I’m old, I guess, but I have my own Prince and don’t need all of the hoohaw from the royals – my in-laws are enough of a crazy, elite bunch!


  5. Wait wait wait… some royals got married? Huh…


  6. Have to admit I was up early and watching. 🙂



  7. Well my initials now that I’m married are H.R.H and my mother find this hilarious (there are crown-shaped or ‘her ladyship’ gifts given to me on every occasion) perhaps I could be Her Royal Highness….since I already kinda have the credentials.


    • That is SUPER SWEET! Did you specifically refuse to marry anyone whose last name did not start with “H?” ‘Cause I think I would have. If I ever actually marry the Weasel, my real initials will be “M.F.” — which is one of his selling points!


  8. Does ambassador of foreign affairs mean I’ll be dealing directly with ZOMBIES?!?!?!


  9. Dear Sweet Mama

    Well, since I have no blog i am just going to assume I am Queen Mother or Absolute Empress of All She Surveys or something like that. She Who Must be Obeyed, of course, being my favorite as well as “Ace” Hutchison, speedy cardriver when one’s young is late for school. I loved the wedding – cried buckets – can’t help it – I may be potato famine Irish, but I do love a royal wedding.


    • Excuse me, but the only “She Who Must Be Obeyed” is ME. You can be the Queen Mother if you want, but I was going to make you Secretary of Health and Human Services since you always know what’s wrong with all of us in the Cabinet. Although We (Royal “We!”) would appreciate it if you could stop using the word “hypochondriac” — in fact, by Royal Decree, that word no longer exists.


  10. I wasn’t going to watch it at all, but at work on Friday everyone was talking about hats, so I had to check out the fashion. And I have to admit, I loved The Dress.


  11. I tried hard not to watch it but found myself awake and ready. I watched his parents also marry…and cried throughout his mama’s funeral! Plus, royal wedding hats are awesome! Kate’s dress was amazing.


    • Right there with ya — there was no way I WASN’T watching! And I LOVED The Dress… I just wish the Royal Hat Decree had extended to one for poor balding Wills himself!


  12. HELL YEAH. Can I be in charge of the weaponry?


    • do you even have to ask? You’re also in charge of training and strategy, but don’t get any ideas about obstacle courses and shit like that ’cause YOU AIN’T THE BOSS OF ME! : )


  13. OMG. I will be the bestest press secretary ever. I WILL PRESS ALL THE SECRETARIES. Your wish is my command.


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