An “At-Home” Afternoon

Back in the olden times, you let people know when they could come visit you by telling them when your “at-home” days were.  Usually this meant your mama or some other older female relative would sit in the parlor embroidering while your and your young man held hands on the settee.  I don’t have a settee, nor do I embroider, but that didn’t stop Callie Jean from having an “at-home” day yesterday!

Yes, I did it — at the egging-on of Chuckweasel, I let one of the stray cat boyfriends into the apartment.  He was being pathetic, drinking dirty ol’ rainwater out of a styrofoam cooler on my porch, so I gave him some clean water and a plate of the healthy food that makes Callie throw up, and he seemed very relaxed and groovy and HE SUCKERED ME! 

So I opened the sliding door and let him wander in.  Callie did the ears-back hiss a couple times, but then she seemed to recognize him from all that whoring she does through the window, and she chilled out. 

I was completely about to give up, huck the cat in the car for a trip to the vet to be checked out prior to his becoming an inside cat… when he went back over to the sliding door and indicated his earnest desire to take his leave of us (he stood up against the glass and yowed). 

So Chuckweasel and I have determined he wants to remain a free agent… but we will continue to feed him if he needs it, ’cause we’re suckers.  Also, I think the cat was concerned when Chuckweasel explained to him about the “toll” for living here… tomcats get really funny when you suggest they might need a little “operation!”  Sorry dude, that’s the cover charge!



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24 responses to “An “At-Home” Afternoon

  1. Haha my girls suitor has been in once but doesn’t like the fact when he comes in he’s outnumbered, but he sure loves yowing at me!


  2. I would snap this guy up in a minute — but he is the quintessential “tomcat” (tattered ear, covered in dirt from rolling on the porch, mouthy as hell!) I’m trying to adjust to the fact that he may not WANT to be “rescued!”


    • Jena

      That’s how we got half our cats! LOL I no longer allow that since the last 3 garage cats (that were born there) had to be put to sleep because they were dying of FeLV, they were still younglings. Now Im very paranoid of how contagious that disease is.

      I believe in the “toll” cost! ha! Post a pic of this wild bad boy!


  3. We have an “outdoor” cat, really the neighbor’s cat but we think they’re bad catparents and so we try to make up for it by feeding and petting and generally spoiling Outdoor Kitty almost as bad as we do Monkey.
    Monkey, of course, wants nothing to do with OK and would filet her if we allowed her inside. H said well, maybe we could declaw OK and Monkey both and see if that would coax them to be nice to each other. I said Monkey would just smother OK with her big pillowy butt in OK’s sleep. Then we’d be next.
    OK likes the outdoors, we’ve decided.


  4. We feed and pretend to own a little black cat. She comes in eats, drinks water and has a nice nap on something comfortable. I plot various ways of keeping her in the house and she slips out like a spirit. Then we don’t see her for weeks.

    She is fixed (we did that) and likes her freedom so I guess that is the way it is going to be.


    • Chuckweasel says some of them just get so used to being outside cats that they don’t WANT to be inside cats. I of course, believe that all cats should live in the house and snuggle with me!


  5. I hesitate to mention that I have uncles who have always maintained all you need to fix a cat is a boot and a razor. Oh, and you have to do it by the sign of the moon so it’s doesn’t bleed bad. I swear it is true and you can read all about the right days in the Farmer’s Almanac. Personally, it doesn’t bother me a bit HOW the cat gets fixed, as long as it gets fixed. 😉


  6. Dear Sweet Mama

    Remember your DearSweetMama’s rule – only one creature in the house is allowed to have balls and that is generally me. Or in your house, you.


  7. I’m sure he likes his freedom. And his balls. (Though I support your rule. And DSM’s rule)

    As long as he gets some food and water and a little time with that hussy in the window, I’m sure he’s happy to sleep out under the stars. Maybe he has a wife in another window. Or nine. Do you get one wife per life?


    • hmmmm… that may be why Callie Jean is so pissy at the pther window boyfriend — maybe he’s making time with some other cat! I think cats are pretty nonmonagamous, but CJ is pretty jealous…


  8. He probably has several female prospects that he woos through the window. His heart probably can’t be contained – even after you whack off his manhood.


  9. My baby doesn’t have any suitors (we live on the second floor). I tried to get her a new buddy once, who just happened to be male. That didn’t go over well, and he had to go to a new home.

    I wouldn’t mind a suitor, of the human male variety. But I’m ready for more than hand-holding at this point.


    • that’s what I’m worried about with Callie Jean — if I get her a cat of her own, will she kill it? And this particular stray cat suitor has been spotted on a second-floor balcony, so he’s got mad climbing skillz.
      Word of advice on the human suitor — don’t tell him about the “cover charge!”


  10. I have an outdoor cat and he makes sure he is the only one. Actually, he makes sure he is the only live thing about…other than the elk but he can’t really taunt them while he kills them slowly. Cats…truly vicious.


  11. Ha! I wrote about my “outdoor” cat too. She already suckered me into adopting her and getting all that vet stuff taken care of by murdering squirrels.


    • so far, I’ve been lucky — there have been no “love offerings” left for either me or Callie Jean. Which is good, ’cause I’m pretty sure she’d want hers brought inside…


  12. Hmmm…now I’m curious what Esme would do if I let another cat visit.


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