The Apocolist!

Alright kids, I promised… so without further ado, here’s my current version of the Apocolist (it’s a constant work in progress).  I’ve separated it out into categories for your stockpiling convenience!


Pickling Spices, Gravy/Stew/Chili Mixes, Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic Powder, Sugar


Flour, Oats, Corn Meal/Cornbread Mix, Dry Beans/Grains, Dry Rice/Pastas, Dried Meats/Fish, Stuffing Mix, Potato Flakes, Powdered Milk


Canned Fruit/Fruit Salad, Canned Vegetables, Corned Beef Hash, Canned Chicken/Tuna/Salmon,  Bottled Water, Fruit Juices, High-Proof Alcohol


Cooking Oil, Shelf-Stable Cheese, Stable Yeast, Wine


Gauze/Gauze Pads, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Black Salve, Vaseline, Ace Bandages, Soap, Painkillers, Vitamin C, Multi-Vitamins, Water-Purification Tablets, Sanitary Pads and Toilet Paper (for as long as they last!)


Canning Jars/Lids, ASSORTED SEEDS, Rope, String, Matches and Candles, Needles and Thread, Sturdy Cookware and Containers (metal), Pencils and Notebooks


Coffee, Tea, Tobacco, Socks

That’s the current version — y’all feel free to chime in with anything I forgot!  You’ll notice there’s no weapons or ammo on there… that’s because I’m holding off until I know what KIND of ‘Pocolypse we’re getting before I choose the appropriate armaments.  You don’t bring a shortsword to a zombie fight!

And THAT’S why I’m the weird one… but later I’ll be the Queen…



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19 responses to “The Apocolist!

  1. Awesome list, but what about a petrol stockpile? Or your car won’t get you to safety zone fast enough. I’m seriously debating buying a “place” just for all my apocalypse stuff. I always figured there has to be enough to fill the boot of my car….step one…buy a car.


    • I’m leaning toward some form of ‘Pocolypse that either A) renders cars unusable (EMP or whatever) or B) clogs the roads with dead folk in THEIR cars so I can’t drive mine. Therefore, I’mown be going back to my nomadic, hunter-gatherer roots!


  2. Dear Sweet Mama

    Maybe some topological maps – if the world hasn’t changed too much. You have to be able to get to Cousin He’p – she has a lot of stores and a big garden, free water, etc. Can’t have too much toilet paper. And antibiotics. I always figure I will go to my doc and get some prescriptions or to the pharmacy and help myself. Birth control, girlfriend – in that first year or two, new babies could be a complication – though also a sign of hope. Hmmm – they kind of are that right now.


    • MAPS! Good idea — hopefully park service-y ones that show water sources, etc. And birth control — probably the nomadic diet will take care of lowering everyone’s fertility, but there’s always the “Get off me, it’s the ‘Pocolypse!” method!


  3. Unless you have an iodine allergy, I would suggest getting iodine drops instead of tablets for water purification. Cheaper, longer shelf life, and you can use it for treating minor wounds as well.

    I think I will just use my backpacking gear when the apocalypse comes, although if I were at home when all this happened, I would totally be short on food. Ketchup and mustard soup is only funny the first time.


    • iodine’s a good plan — also takes care of that pesky radiation poisoning! And this is entirely why we’re talking about this now — so at least SOME of us will stockpile food so the others have someplace to flee to!


  4. Mmmmm…gravy. I’d like to add hot chocolate mix to the list. I consider it a staple.


  5. Soundtrack? Every ‘pocolypse’ needs a soundtrack!


    • whoa… great minds think alike. I’m already planning to get together all kinds of sheet music, lyric sheets, etc for fireside singalongs after everything goes all to hell!


  6. I suggest more weaponry.


    • OF COURSE YOU DO — you’re the reason I put the disclaimer about waiting to see what kind of weapons would be appropriate! But then again, this is why you’re automatically the leader of my Post-Apocolyptic army…


  7. Paprika. Everything tastes better with paprika.

    And I think you need some cigs for your barter supplies. BARTER supplies.


    • yeah… BARTER supplies… I was thinking bags of pipe tobacco, but who really wants that? But, um, we could use the cigarettes. For trade. Yeah, for trade. Hey, it’s the end of the world, I’m gonna fuckin’ smoke!


  8. Great list! Love the emphasis on food. 🙂 I posted one not too long ago, but much of it is of the non-edible variety. Check it out:


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