Fo’ Da Shorties

No, this isn’t an offer for you to sponsor a small starving child for the price of a cup of coffee… this post in and of itself is a shorty.   I spent the morning doing my taxes and I’m just, well, spent, and I won’t be here tomorrow because I’ll be drunk in Cincinnati with Chuckweasel (yay!).  So I’ll be back Wednesday with a full account of the trip and all… y’all try to be good while I’m gone, okay?

PS — Extra Credit for anyone who can identify what I watched this weekend that gave me the source of this post title.



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10 responses to “Fo’ Da Shorties

  1. For some reason I want to say “Family Guy.” Am I right? Did I win? Huh? Huh?
    Have fun in Cincy. They drive batshit crazy there.


    • Nope, not “Family Guy,” although that’s always a good bet! This one’s from the fairly obscure “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.” I did mention I’m twelve years old, right?


  2. Hope you are having a great trip.


  3. Have a good time. Don’t worry about us…as long as you put out plenty of food and an extra bottle of water we should be fine.


  4. Say hello to Cincy for me!


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