Was This the Point?

Okay, so not only did the physical therapy beat me like Apollo Creed, it also seems to have given me a RAGING sinus infection.  All I know is, I was FINE before I went, then got a sore throat the next day, which I thought was just the changing weather crap.  But TODAY, oh TODAY!  I can’t hear.  I mean, I’m not exactly deaf, but everything I hear seems to be coming from INSIDE my head… including my own voice.  So it’s off to the Doc-in-a-Box instead of P/T… which reminds me!

They have a sign at the sports medicine place as you come in the door which says: “If you have <<massively long list of cold and flu-like symptoms>>, please call to reschedule your appointment.”  And I, being a good little Do-Bee, ACTUALLY STOPPED AND THOUGHT ABOUT IT before I went in.  Like it was a checklist.  (And before you ask, yes, I do the same thing with roller coasters).  But then I get IN there, and it’s chock full of cholera-spreading old people!  Lemme tell you soemthing, once I’m that old and fucked up, I won’t be doin’ this P/T shit no more.  I’ll be laying up in bed hollerin’ for Petey to bring Mama her reachin’ stick.  THAT’S MY RIGHT AS AN AMERICAN, DAMMIT. 

Gonna make this a short one and get back to work, which today amounts to “Marlee Matlin Shouts the News”… really shoulda took a sick day, but there’s no one here to call in TO!



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8 responses to “Was This the Point?

  1. No one pays attention to those signs. At my doc’s office there’s a glass partition in the waiting room that says “Well Area.” Presumably so if you’re there to like, get your broken spleen or something tended to, you can isolate yourself from the contagious sickos hacking up their lungs and shit. But you have to navigate through the phlegmy snot-noses to reach the “Well Area.” Well-thought out, no? That sign always irritates me, anyway. Hell, if we were WELL, why would we be at the doctor’s office?

    Hope the wrist feels better soon. I always enjoyed PT, but when you have a bad back they tend to give you massages and hot packs. Good stuff.


    • I think my problem is it’s all these old, angry people at the PT place — and they WANT to get the young people sick! I’m like, “Whoa, I’m 34 with worse joints than you’ll EVER have… fuck off gramps!” And unfortunately, my therapist seems to think “exercise” will make it “better”… whatever.


  2. In my doctors office they have masks in the entry way so if you’re there with something contagious you can keep that crap to yourself yo. It’s fun to see all the kids playing their “I’m in a mask, what character can I be” games. It makes me want to breed. Then I look at their mothers who haven’t slept for four days and I remember that I’m too selfish to breed.


    • Plus the fact that children should be required to wear masks AT ALL TIMES, becuase they are the number one vector of spreading snot around! But then CPS comes over and says, “Little Timmy told his teacher he has cholera…” and you have to take down the biohazard containment to talk to them… kids are too much work, I’ll just appreciate them from afar!


  3. I have been having the same problem since coming back from Europe, mostly deaf. Sometimes it is a good thing. Damn weather!


    • it was really weird, I could hear myself THROUGH MY MOUTH, kinda like when you lay in the bathtub with your head under the water making sea-monster noises. What? How many times do I have to tell you I’M TWELVE?


  4. We had a contagious area (3 seats) at my doctors but again you had to walk past it to get to the normal seats, i usually just sit myself there as then I get seen quicker and left alone 🙂 Plus I don’t have to integrate with the “well” people


    • I tried not to integrate, but with TWO whole areas of about 20 seats each to choose from, everyone who came in after me chose to sit near me! What the hell, people? THIS IS WHY FDR GOT POLIO!


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