Why Are You Here?

I’ve spent the last week dealing with the dreaded Car Problems:  You know, you go in to get it inspected and there’s all this other shit “mysteriously” wrong with it.  2 repair joints and close to $700 (YIKES) later, I have a question.

Why do mechanics act like you’re imposing on them by asking them to fix your car?  Isn’t that their job?  I don’t sit around going, “You want me to read news on the radio?  Jeez, how inconsiderate.”  ‘Cause that’s my JOB, ya see.  So I can’t bitch about being asked to do what I was hired to do, ’cause if I don’t like it I should quit and do something else.

Now, I understand people who work at Burger King or what have you — the “unskilled labor” type of jobs that you get because you have no skills and no choice — okay, bitch about that, those jobs suck.  But if you’re a car mechanic, you had to TRAIN to do that, right?  At some point, you made the decision to learn to do that stuff, so you must have thought someone, someday, might want you to use those skills… AND PAY YOU SEVEN-MOTHERFUCKING-HUNDRED-DOLLARS.  So don’t get all huffy and long-suffering sigh-y with me when I come up to the counter and ASK PERMISSION TO GIVE YOU ALL MY MONEY.  I’m not asking for perky, I’m just asking for you to maybe NOT act like I asked you to change the oil wearing your grandmother’s wedding dress and a pair of scuba flippers!

Although… I would pay extra for that.



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11 responses to “Why Are You Here?

  1. Hmm, maybe I need to send you a voodoo doll? You could pin the words “mr. mechanic” onto it and leave it for him to conveniently find in your engine area…I bet that gets them to fix it properly!


  2. I would pay extra if they would work on my car in a thong. I don’t want to see them in a thong, I just want to watch their faces of discomfort every time they bend over to adjust some sort of car widget.

    Then if they want to give me attitude, I can be all like: Oh I am sorry the thong is riding up your butt crack, what is today’s date.

    Hey if they are going to rape my bank account, they might as well entertain me.


  3. They’ve just hit their heads one time too many on the underside of a car.


  4. Weird. I also have car problems. Except, my car drives FINE. It just doesn’t quite pass emissions. Next time I plan to drive for an hour to warm up the car because I am all about reducing greenhouse gasses…?

    And next time someone tries to charge you $700 because they think thatyou don’t know about cars, you need to burst into tears and cry all over them. That’ll show ’em. Those mechanic guys are so afraid of tears.


    • mine was fine before it had to go in for state inspection… then SUDDENLY it needs new rear brakes… and something called a “bushing” replaced (which may have been made up). Then THOSE mechanics broke a cooling fan (can’t prove it and they won’t admit it… BUT THEY KNOW WHAT THEY DID), so I took it to have THAT fixed somewhere else… and now the windshield is cracked. I GIVE UP.


      • Crap, I just found a really really good mechanic. Young guy. Flirty. Giving me a deal. Likes his job. Oh, wait, he owns the place, and hired his friends, so no wonder.

        Of course, it’s a “performance” mechanic, so they will probably try to get me to put a racing stripe on my car, and upgrade the chip, and get me into their “performance racing” classes.

        Last place I went I was having the brakes done, and then when I went for a drive in the mountains, I got a BRAKES ARE GONNA FAIL YOU’RE GONNA DIE alarm on my car. I hate that.


  5. EVERYBODY I run into acts like they’re pissed they’re asked to do their damn job. I’d like to stab them all.


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