Okay, I really do have to do these damn reports, and the phone won’t stop ringing with people calling to tell me their power’s out (like I care?  Do I LOOK like an electrician?) — so I’m going to be absent today and maybe tomorrow.  Unless any of you bitches want to come help me???  I’ll make drinks!





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12 responses to “AAAAACK!

  1. Oh no. There’s not a drink strong enough to make me want to do paperwork. Sorry.


  2. I don’t know, did you wear your electrician costume to work? Or did chuckweasel stick a “ask me I’m an electrician” sticker on your back?


    • People for some reason think the “news girl” can somehow exert her authori-tah to get the power company to come fix shit… I can’t even get them to fix MY shit, let alone anyone else’s!


  3. Ya know, I heard Chuckweasel made a new friend who’s looking for a job, if you’re hiring assistants and all.


  4. I am coming in late so I guess it is too late to offer my assistance to help with the paper work, darn it.


  5. I feel like there is probably a putting number in boxes situation going on and I like to avoid those whenever possible. I think it is cruel to contain numbers in boxes. They should be allowed to roam free.


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