The Advent of Chuckweasel!

I know you’ve all been clamoring for the link to Chuckweasel’s blog, and I’m going to give it to you, but I wanna clear one thing up first.

I have alluded to but never actually defined the nature of our relationship, but Chuckweasel is the King of Bluntness and he lays it flat out:  Yes, he’s still married to someone else.  AND I’M FINE WITH THAT.

I really didn’t go into it because frankly, if I go telling y’all all the details of my sex life, y’all might feel compelled to tell me yours, and nobody wants that.  I just don’t care who anybody is fucking unless it’s me or The CW.  But I’ve been watching the new season of “Sister Wives” (of course!), and I realized that my silence could be interpreted as shame, which it is MOST ASSUREDLY NOT.

I really hope I don’t lose anybody over this, but if somebody’s gonna be Judgey McJudgerstein, they probably don’t belong here, anyway!  I love you all and I hope to see you soon. 

Now, go support the Weasel!

  The World of Chuckweasel



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16 responses to “The Advent of Chuckweasel!

  1. I’m not a judgy mcjudge person. You take love where you find it. I’m off to see The Weasel.


  2. thank you baby — knew I could count on ya! (and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…)


  3. Hurray for The CW link! It kinda sounds like a TV network. ABC, NBC, CBS, WB….


  4. I’m sad you don’t wanna hear about my sex life… ;P


  5. I’m gonna click on the link, but then I was like…what if I’m terribly disappointed? What if he’s not funny, or ranty…then I decided to take a look anyway, he can’t be too much of a threat or you’d never have linked him 🙂 see brain science, the kind you do when there are no sticks in convenient reach.

    So married as in he’s separated and still married or as in you’re the “other” woman. If you’re the other woman you so need a cape, some smoke pellets (for dramatic exits, not murders) and an evil laugh too, Ebay might be able to hit-you-up on all my ex-“other” woman stuff, I had some neat disguises, and a ladder, you need a ladder.


    • And of course, my costume comes complete with a big scarlet “A” on the chest — and a push up bra to make my boobs look good! But why do I need a ladder, I’d rather have a Batman-style grappling hook…


  6. DearSweetMama

    Well, I don’t want to hear about yours if you don’t want to hear about mine. Maybe next cruise with Drunky McDrinkenstern. Have you noticed you know a lot of Germans? Or perhaps they are from Holland.


    • I REALLY REALLY don’t wanna hear about yours… I can’t afford any more therapy! I don’t actually know where the McJudgensteins or the McDrinkensterns are from — they sound like some sort of half-German, half Scottish clan to me.


  7. Shit. I really wanted to tell you about my sex life. Dammit.


  8. lol!
    pssh, good for you, telling people where to stick it.
    and who cares who is married to whom? i sure as shit don’t.


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