This Could Get Ugly…

I refuse to talk about this weekend’s weather for fear of encouraging it (seriously, SNOW at the end of March??? This is SUPPOSED to be the SOUTH!!!), so instead I will relate to you the announcement that Chuckweasel, our own dear Chuckweasel, has decided he wants his own blog.

I’m sure it has something to do with his desire to defend himself against my occasional slanders (which are TRUE!), and of course, only a madman would not be jealous of my amazing popularity and fame!  So I will be spending this morning setting him up one, and then we’ll see how she flies. 

Remember, Chuckweasel — with great power comes great responsibility… and WE’RE ALL WATCHING YOU.



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16 responses to “This Could Get Ugly…

  1. You are correct. The weather certainly is a bummer. We should be enjoying 60’s and sunshine.
    Good luck with Chuck.


    • this is certainly not the “out like a lamb” we were taught to expect from March! And I expect I’ll need all the luck I can get with Chuckweasel… I may have created a monster…


  2. Holy crapatoly! First, I keep forgetting Chuckweasel isn’t the cat. It’s these damned dying brain cells. I’m like that flashlight you always have to shake to get the light to stop dimming out. Then you bang me against the counter a few times and knock over that good canister you like with the rooster on it and it breaks all over the floor and wouldn’t you know it, it’s the one with the flour and so you spend the rest of the blackout cleaning up everything by feel because the stupid flashlight has finally died and you don’t have any candles because Great-Aunt Matilda’s birthday was last week and you were caught short. So you end up with flour everywhere, knees and face and hands, and the neighbors come to check on you and see it and call the cops and there you are on the front page, being called “Tri-State’s Latest Scarface” and does Chuckweasel use his new wealth and power as a bigass blogger to bail you out?
    I doubt it. Those cats are notoriously fickle.


  3. My daughter is next to blog most likely – she made me blog in the first place. She’s already got a guest post ready to go…I’ve got a monster on my hands too!


  4. I have asked J to blog. He keeps refusing. I don’t blame him, damn Nazi.


  5. Ahaha I suggested a blog to D but he doesn’t want one, too much responsibility blah blah. And just let me get the salt……yup we’ve had sunny hot weather here…I’ll just rub it into your wounds 😛


  6. California is sunny – at the moment. But we do have that toxic cloud thing going on.

    Ooooh, I can’t wait for Chuckweasel’s blog! Will he call it Chuckweasel’s Rebuttal?


    • Yeah, I’m content to be cold if my other choice is radioactive. You win this round!
      I have set up Chuckweasel’s blog as just “Chuckweasel,” but he’s free to call it what he likes… as long as WE approve!


  7. What no link? Chuckweasel, we all await your words.

    My hubby does not blog… he does not blog and does not read blogs. He does not read my blog. He is too busy facebooking his triathlon buddies because Facebook is so much cooler.


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