I Can’t Be Havin’ with This

This.  Damn.  Weather.

Seriously?  I stopped to get gas yesterday morning and the sky was that freaky yellow get-your-Auntie-Em-into-the-cellar color, but I live in a valley, so if a tornado actually bounces down in here, there ain’t no use hiding from it — we’re plain fucked.  And I drove home doing the “please let me get inside before this starts” prayer, but all it did was spit a little rain and then clear up.  Okay, that’s weird.

Fastly-forward to yesterday afternoon, when ALL.  HELL.  BROKE.  LOOSE.  It started with the kind of thunder that actually moves things inside the house, and then this happened:

(from The Charleston Gazette)

Oh, HAIL No!

That’s a picture from The Charleston Gazette (I also took pictures, but I don’t know how to get them off my phone — I’m pretty, not techie).  And no, it’s not Cherry Blossom Time — that’s fuckin’ hailstones piled so thick it looks like snow!  WTF, Nature?

Suffice it to say, both Callie Jean and I were freaked the fuck out — mostly because one entire wall of our apartment is sliding glass doors, so there’s no where to hide from the Devil Hail.  Well, we could hide in the bathroom where there are no windows, but it’s dark and spooky in there.  Chuckweasel’s power went out at his place, and I found out this morning they had to close an entire BRIDGE because it had a LIVE POWER LINE wrapped around it.  I.  Am.  DONE.



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15 responses to “I Can’t Be Havin’ with This

  1. Kiefer and I were just talking about we think the world is slowly coming to an end. It is almost 2012.


  2. In our new neighborhood we have a lot of “historic” trees. With big branches. Not a big problem except that Cheyenne gets 50-60 mph sustained winds a couple times a year when the seasons are changing. So there’s a clump of branch in the alley that is taller than my compact car. And a 30 foot tree fell over a couple blocks from my house yesterday.

    My point? None, except that I was seconds away from telling you to move here to get away from the madness.


    • and let me guess — because they’re “historic,” it would take an Act of Congress and/or Jesus for you to be allowed to trim them back or, God forbid, CUT ONE DOWN! And if you get mooshed by a tree you better hope it kills you ’cause if you survive you’re gonna get a ticket!
      But I do think Wyoming may be a good base camp for us all to converge on after the Apocolypse… you should start making nachos now.


      • Depends on the Apocolypse. If Yellowstone blows, there will be no Wyoming and all the nacho making will be for naught.

        Luckily we CAN cut down or trim our trees but, by golly, you’d better replace it with a new one. When Cheyenne was founded there were 12 trees and the pioneer women went to Nebraska and found trees to bring back and plant. And watered them and planted more. If only they weren’t cottonwoods, which drop a kabillion tiny branches daily and the BIG branches routinely. I hate cottonwoods. The Boy says that’s what we’re replacing our front tree with when it goes…grr.


  3. OMG a live power line, stay the hell inside and board up the windows this is how zombie-‘pocolypse starts..right?


    • I know, right? I was like, “It electrified the BRIDGE? How does that even HAPPEN?” You’d kinda think maybe that would be something they’d take steps to prevent…


  4. We had that sort of storm a few weeks ago, and I just loved it. I wanted to go outside and watch, but H said only if I take this big metal pole out with me and stand over in the field behind the house. I do NOT understand that man sometimes. Sheesh.


    • Chuckweasel makes fun of me because I won’t talk on the real phone during a storm, only on the cell phone. This is because I was raised back in the day, when the phone line could get struck by lightning and electrocute you through the handset (I’m pretty sure that was actually true, but ya never know). Anyhoo, I still stick to that rule… even though all my phones are cordless and therefore cannot hurt me… I think.


  5. My front door was frozen shut yesterday morning. I dedicated today’s post to how done I am with this winter.

    But at least there wasn’t any hail. 🙂



    • How did you get out? My car froze shut during an overnight ice storm once and I had to carry the teapot outside to pour hot water on it. Yes, I made my car a cuppa.


  6. Come to California! It’s sunny. Well, today. At the moment. Feel free to ignore the toxic-radiation-cloud-of-death that’s continuing to arrive from Japan. We do.


  7. Sorry about your bad weather experience last spring. But can we post this on cheesy bloggers this week?! It’s too funny to pass up. If you’re up for it, email me at cheesybloggers@gmail.com Love you!


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