She Has RISEN!

Well, okay, so I wasn’t exactly dead in a cave until I rolled back a stone, but I DID sleep with my head under the pillow and I like the Rolling Stones, so it’s similar. 

Lord-a-mercy, chillun, if you can at all avoid it, DON’T get the death-crud that’s going around (is it a spring cold?  is it the flu?  IS IT CAPTAIN TRIPS?).  The funk I caught from the Plague-Ridden Child suddenly metamorphosed on Wednesday into one of the worst oh-shit-Imma-gwineter-die sicknesses I have EVER had.  So I stayed in bed for 5 days. Seriously, this counts as my 5-year-Cold (I get a really bad cold every 5 years, without fail, which takes at least a week to shake.). 

So, I’m back to work now, even though I’m only about 60 percent functional, but it’s a good damn thing, ‘CAUSE I’S ALL BY MYSELF!  Apparently, the Plague-Ridden Child did me a favor, and got me out of the building before an even worse funk came through — we’re talking hospital stuff here, people. 

So, thank you, Plague-Ridden Child… but if I see you, I’m still gonna punch you in the neck.

PS — Callie Jean LOVES it when Mommy is trapped home sick — especially when the cold medicine has screwed up Mommy’s time sense so she thinks it’s ALWAYS time to feed the cat!



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14 responses to “She Has RISEN!

  1. Feel free to stagger around and partake of cold meds. You might as well amuse yourself.


  2. I’m telling you, I am LIT UP on the Contac Cold and Flu, mostly because I can’t remember when I took it so I just keep taking more. Wooooooo!


  3. 5 days? Holy crap! I’m glad you’re finally feeling better!


    • seriously — I got in the bed Wednesday morning and did not get out (except for potty breaks and ginger ale/feed the cat runs) until Sunday afternoon… when I made an amazing journey TO THE COUCH.


  4. When I had the crud a couple weeks I was taking full doses of cough medicine, which I NEVER do, and was high as a kite for four days. And I’d completely lost track of when I’d taken my last dose. Each time I’d take more I’d try to write down the time…and kitten out before I found a pen. Then a couple hours later I’d wander around the house looking for the note with the time.

    The boys didn’t ask me to feed them (that I recall, anyway). Possibly because I couldn’t balance well enough to reach the floor with food and stand at the same time. Possibly because I was gross and would ruin their appetite.

    Glad you’re sem-functional again.


    • I did the exact same thing — I’d think “Now remember, it’s noon, you need to take another dose in 6 hours.” Then I’d fall asleep and wake up and it would FEEL like it had been six hours, so I’d take more drugs. Even though it was only 1:15. Then I got tired of squinting to see the dosage line on the cough syrup cup and just started swigging it like a wino. No wonder I spent 5 days in bed!


  5. Dear Sweet Mama

    Glad you are up and out sweetie – now spray lysol on everything in your house and wash your sheets. Keeping a napkin over your breathing apparatus as you do so.


  6. bless callie jean just taking extra good care of you by making sure your motor functions still work…hourly.
    I’m glad you’re back 🙂


    • she would come up to my unconcious self on the bed and breathe her breath into my nose — like she was saying, “Smell that? That’s catfood. I’d like some more of that, please.”


  7. Captain Tripps?! Oh, my! 🙂 That was funny.

    Whatever you have, please do stay off the bus with it. I’ve gone almost three months without being ill now!



    • yeah, like MY germs are gonna be the worst thing you encounter on your funky bus! And I think it’s The Stand every time I get sick — I blame Dear Sweet Mama for letting me read Stephen King at an impressionable age!


  8. Dear Sweet Mama

    Or Ebola. At least you don’t always think you have rabies. Love you, all you girls.


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