Get a Real Job!

Okay, it’s about that time (no, not to bring forth the rhythm and the rhyme).  It’s time for Hoody to kick off her oh-so-cute shoes and climb back up on her soapbox.  Y’all watch my purse.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been hearing/seeing/reading all sorts of shit about a push toward quote-unquote “Good News.”  Now, usually, this phrase is followed by the words, “about Jesus,” but in this case, it’s basically a group of people who claim to be journalists who have decided they will only cover happy feel-good stories about the triumph of the human spirit.

Well, I’ve been in this business since a month before 9/11, and I call bullshit.

Yes, the world is fucked up and violent and awful.  But I just REPORT the news, I didn’t CREATE it.  Brian Williams doesn’t rob a liquor store on his lunch break just so he’ll have something to talk about that night (well, except that one time…).  And if all I did was stories about 6-year-olds starting recycling programs and squirrels who know how to water-ski, guess what?  The world would STILL be fucked up, people  just wouldn’t know it.  And that makes it worse.

See, I see myself as the gadfly (toldja I was a Philosophy minor).  It’s my job to jolt people out of their complacency and REMIND them that shit’s fucked up so we can all get our collective heads out of our asses and FIX IT.  I don’t talk about a tragic mine accident because I enjoy it, I do it so JUST ONE PERSON may call their Congressman and get safety standards updated.  I don’t report a drive-by shooting because I think it’s cool, I do it so people in that community will take a stand against crime.   And I didn’t spend one of the worst weeks of my life watching hours of unedited video feed from Ground Zero because I get off on tragedy… I did it so YOU WOULDN’T HAVE TO.

Fuck these “Good News” people, fuck them right in the ear.  They have abrogated their responsibilities to their audiences and to their profession.  We started out as Town Criers, after all… and all is most definitely NOT well.



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19 responses to “Get a Real Job!

  1. Here Here, I think it’s nice to put a “happy squirrel” newsstory at the end of all the bad news just so’s people don’t go stick their heads in an oven or anything but you are very right, it’s better to be informed about the bad stuff than having it going on behind your back.


  2. I plundered through your purse whilst you were on your soapbox and girl, you gonna have to answer to Jesus ’bout a few things. Dead hookers belong in the trunk of the car.


  3. ” I don’t report a drive-by shooting because I think it’s cool, I do it so people in that community will take a stand against crime.”—-Excellent point!

    People always say how the news are depressing…then do something to change it!

    Just FYI…That guy over there is eying your purse.


  4. All very good points because I am one who would rather tuck my head in the sand. I would rather not face reality, so you keep up the good work and keep reminding deniers like me that there is work to me done.

    Besides, I really do not want an inappropriate ear assault. I could lose an earring.


  5. Hmm what news story do you think will be released after the “zombies are loose” to lighten the mood?


  6. I have been wondering why some “real journalists” haven’t stepped up and taken over the world by now. I never actually believed we would live in a world like this. Imagine my disappointment in life. 😦
    I am tenatively optimistic that you may be another witty woman who also has a brain. I’ve decided to start collecting them. Figuratively speaking, of course.
    I will be back to see for sure.
    Good post!


    • Thanks and welcome to my craziness! As for journalists taking over, we’d love to, but we’re generally too drunk. And on the collecting front — are you collecting entire women or just their brains? ‘Cause brains would be gross, but entire women would require a HUGE display case…


  7. Dear Sweet Mama

    Good job, my Dear Sweet Girl – we can’t fix it if we don’t know it’s broke. You come by it honest – I was kicked out of history in High School cause I wanted to talk about current history – Vietnam – and spent the rest of the year sitting in the counselor’s office during class.


  8. As a journalist, this delights my heart in ways only other journalists can understand. It takes enormous balls to report on the world day after day after day. You, clearly then, have enormous balls.


  9. Tim McCorkle

    I agree 100%, Too Much Time is spent making victims out of the perpetrators, see the bus driver story.


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