It’s Not Just Me

As we all know, I am sadly addicted to shows like Jersey Shore and other mass-media attempts to give all the world an aneurysm.  I have admitted I have a problem, okay?  But I’m not the only one, as my recent trip to the hair salon proves:

My hairstylist and I had gotten bored of eavesdropping on the people in the next booth (they were talking about heroin and trout-fishing, which would have been a good conversation if they’d been talking about them concurrently, but it was only consecutively).  So she asks me if I’m watching American Idol, and I respond that I really only enjoy the “Man, you SUCK,” show they do really early on, then I lose interest.  But, I continue, I do watch Jersey Shore.  And she admits she doesn’t always watch Jersey Shore, but she WILL NOT MISS Jerseylicious.  And off we went.

We talked for pretty much the entire hour and a half it takes to make me beautiful (except for the parts when I was baking my brain cells under the dryer — does it REALLY have to be THAT hot???) about just about everything that had happened last season… like who was fighting with who (Tracey versus everybody), who was being a bitch (Tracey) and what the HELL is wrong with Gigi that she totally screwed herself out of an engagement ring by being stupid. 

And I realized on the way home, anyone eavesdropping on US would have thought we were talking about people we actually KNOW… which may make us sad, pathetic creatures who need to get out more.  But at least we weren’t talking about heroin.  Or trout-fishing.  Or BOTH, for God’s sake.



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6 responses to “It’s Not Just Me

  1. I really need to watch an episode of Jersey Shore. I feel so out of the loop. Is it on Netflix?


    • dunno about Netflix ’cause I’m technologically challenged, but if you have any On Demand stuff on your TV, MTV puts all the episodes on there. If you still can’t find it, get yourself a couple of spider monkeys, spray paint them orange, and get them drunk. Same thing.


  2. I have stopped rooting for anyone on Jersey Shore, so I watch hoping for a meteor strike on the Aztec during hoochie time.
    Also, fyi, heroin-addicted trout are much easier to catch.


    • I don’t think I can really ROOT for anyone, because they all give me chest pain with their stupid shit. But I think Pauly D does THE LEAST stupid shit, so he’s my favorite… but I do like the meteor theory!

      And I would have thought heroin-addicted trout might be harder to catch, since they’d keep lunging at bait that wasn’t really there… but maybe if you use bait MADE out of heroin…


  3. The people from Jerseylicious were actually staying in my friend’s apartment complex last month. We never actually saw them filming or anything, but their production team was always milling around the halls arguing with each other and being obnoxious.


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