Again With This?

Okay, so it turns out there are STILL MORE words that I do not pronounce to Chuckweasel’s satisfaction… so, another installment of C’est Vrai, You Suck.

 The word in question is “house.”  Specifically, the plural form.

POSITION ONE:   You pronounce the “s” in “house,” therefore you should also pronounce the “s” in “houses.”

POSITION TWO:  The “s” becomes a “z” sound when you add another ending.  It’s the “How-zing” Authority, not the “How-SING” Authority.  Unless you’re being German or just plain difficult.

This all started because we were driving to the World’s Most Awesome Pizza Lunch Buffet place which happens to be just down the street from where I grew up.  And Chuckweasel says to me “should I take this exit or get off at Montrose?” AND PRONOUNCES THE “S” LIKE AN “S” INSTEAD OF A “Z!”  So I said, “Get off here, but what did you just say?  It’s Mont-ROHZ, like a ‘z.'”  Did I mention that I grew up in this town?  But he still wants to argue with me about it.  I think I finally shut him down by pointing out that you do not buy a dozen “roh-ses,” you buy “roh-ZEZ,” but that’s when he started on the house thing, so it’s a Pyrrhic victory at best. 

Gotta go now, my radio station appears to be giving away a 50 dollar gift certificate for mayonaisse and you just can’t make that shit up!



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10 responses to “Again With This?

  1. I’m position 2, and did you know if you say that enough your teeth begin to tingle?


  2. Mmmm, I can make myself a whole bunch of krab salad with $50 worth of mayo. And tuna salad. I could compare and contrast. And pay the doctors I’ll need to clear out my arteries with tuna salad. Or krab salad.


  3. Dear Sweet Mama

    $50 worth of mayonaise?! Sweet – but I think I already have that cause for a while I kept forgetting I had already bought it when I needed it – so there is a LOT of mayonaise in this house. We are gonna be making some coleslaw come summer time. And deviled eggs. And egg salad. And mayonaise cake. And anything else I can think of .


  4. That like how I sez menz.


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