That’s My Dear Sweet Mama!

You know how you can tell Dear Sweet Mama is MY Dear Sweet Mama?  We were talking on the phone this weekend about the educational crap I been a-watchin’ on the TV, and I mentioned that for some reason, every mystery-type show ends up leading back to the Oak Island Money Pit.  And instead of saying. “Do what now?” like probably 99-percent of the world would do, she says “Oh, I’ve always wanted to go there!”  And we were off planning how we could get to Nova Scotia and whether or not we were technically allowed to go out to the island or whether we would have to bribe some old fisherman to sneak us over under cover of darkness.  This will be the BEST.VACATION.EVER.  Or we’ll be arrested.  But that’s ALWAYS a possibility, even if we just go to the flea market.  Probably because we wander around and point out all the rooster-themed merchandise in what can only be described as an extremely vulgar manner.  You haven’t lived until you’ve heard my Dear Sweet Mama yell, “Hey, come over here and look at this big cock!”  Yes, we’re eleven.

Also, whenever you are on the phone with Dear Sweet Mama and the phone cuts out or makes a noise, she always assumes it’s the government listening and we have to spend the next 10 minutes talking about how much we love the President.  Which is true NOW, but didn’t always used to be, so we used to have to lie a lot… like, before 2008 we had to lie a lot…

Anyhoo, I have no point for this post other than to bring y’all up to date on the enormous amount of  not-doing-jackshit that I did over the weekend.  Today will be devoted to eating 50-percent off candy from the drugstore and watching “St Valentine’s Day Massacre” shows on the TV.  And possibly seeing how many nougats one can stack on Chuckweasel’s sleeping forehead before he wakes up.



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4 responses to “That’s My Dear Sweet Mama!

  1. Nougat stacking…I think you should post a picture!


  2. is it unfair to take a picture of someone you’re tormenting with their own iPhone? because he has an iPhone, and I don’t, so this seems somehow fitting!


  3. I have found that the best vacations always have the “chance of being arrested” in there somewhere. Srsly.


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