Who Needs Zombies?

I’m going to get a little off my usual subject matter today, because this shit in Egypt is really starting to freak me the fuck out.  I’m really thinking that part of the world has decided to avoid the Zombie Apocoloypse by destroying the world beforehand, and people are being so ignorant it’s killing me… so, a rant.

Okay, so, Egypt.  People are starting to say we (the US) did this, and the talk-radio assholes are up in arms saying we didn’t.  I myself am fine with admitting, yeah, we probably did.

In the World Wars, we didn’t start nothin’, but we DID lay back until we ourselves were attacked, rather than helping other countries whose people were suffering and dying.  Same in Korea… we waited until the absolutely last minute to pick a side.  Vietnam… don’t get me started on Vietnam… Fast forward to the First Gulf War, which we started because gas was too expensive, and the Second, which we started because we were hurt and pissed off.

Even if you ignore our record for minding our own business while the rest of the world is burning, but expecting everybody else to help when WE want to start some shit, you can’t deny our Sea-Monkeys approach to foreign policy.  We really like to set up regimes in other countries and see what happens for awhile, but then we get bored and wander off to do something else.  And when we finally come back, all the Monkeys are dried out and the Taliban is in power.

Afghanistan got their weapons and training FROM US, just like the Viet Cong before them, and just like Mubarak got his sense of godlike power FROM OUR SUPPORT.  Every time we applauded his efforts against terrorism while ignoring the atrocities he perpetrated on his own people, we were telling him it was alright.

The French told us at least 20 years before Vietnam that shit was fucked up (Bonjour, mes amis, le merde e mal allons, I think).  And we didn’t listen until it was on our fucking doorstep.  The Afghans went a step further — they SHOWED us, “Hey, your guns and shit have given us a country run by drugs and thugs, and now we’re coming over there to show you how much we appreciate it.”  Egypt is BEGGING us to help them, even if all we do is withdraw our support from a despot.  What more will it take?

Thanks for letting me get that out.  I’ll return to your regularly-scheduled programming tomorrow!



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9 responses to “Who Needs Zombies?

  1. “part of the world has decided to avoid the Zombie Apocoloypse by destroying the world beforehand”—Usually I’m all about being proactive. But not in this case.


  2. There is sooooooo much I am certain that goes on politically that we, the public, will never know- nor should we in a lot of cases. That being said…. Bring On The Fucking Zombies! I got a shotgun for Christmas! Yeeehaww Motherfuckers!


  3. Ah man, I don’t have a shotgun but I do have a very angry Pomeranian with an Napoleon complex that I could tie to a stick.

    Great rant!


    • I think the Pom-on-a-stick is a good weapon for home defense, but we do need to upgrade before the zombies arrive. Rottweiler-on-a-stick at least.

      Thanks for the encouragement — this is what happens when you combine a philiosphy minor with a lot of electives in miltary history and tactics!


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