Designs by Dear Sweet Mama

Check THIS shit out, y’all!

Haute Couture by Dear Sweet Mama

Ignore the fact that it’s sideways (I can’t get it to rotate, I never said I was good at computers) and also ignore the fact that I’m retaining enough water to grow rice in the Mojave!  But DAMN, y’all!  That there is an OFFICIAL “I Am Not A Wayward Teen” T-shirt created and bedazzled personally by Dear Sweet Mama!  Be jealous, be very very jealous!

Chuckweasel (who was drafted into taking the picture with his iPhone, yes he has an iPhone, do I have an iPhone? No.  But I digress) brought up an interesting point about the shirt in question.  When you are a little kid, there’s a good chance that a lot of your clothes are made — depending on her level of skill and your family’s level of income — by your own Dear Sweet Mama.  And you don’t give a crap ’cause you don’t know no better, and your idea of fashion is a bathing suit and a Burger King crown anyway.  Then you hit about the pre-teen to teen years and suddenly you’d rather walk to school buck-ass nekkid in the snow before you’d wear a homemade ANYTHING, up to and including Halloween costumes (assuming you haven’t become too “cool” to dress up).  So you bitch and whine until you get given brand-name things, which then proceed to fall apart in the wash because that shit’s pretty shoddy.

BUT THEN!  At some point after that… clothing made by or picked by your Dear Sweet Mama suddenly becomes okay again!  Now, I will admit, I still bitch when forced to wear the dreaded “Girls on a Jaunt” shirt… but that’s because when DSM, the Concubine and I all wear the same shirt, people ask if we’re a singing group (Yes we are, we’re called the Dudds).  But the Wayward Teen shirt is the best shirt in the entire universe, and that’s even counting all the ones with the rabbit giving people the finger on them!

The shirt also came with rainbow knee socks and a necklace that says “be yourself” — which is good, ’cause I’m pretty sure I can’t be anyone else while dressed like this!  A bazillion thank you’s to Dear Sweet Mama for continuing to encourage my insanity!


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16 responses to “Designs by Dear Sweet Mama

  1. I was so cute in all the stuff my mother made for me as a kid! Though I do remember putting A LOT of thought into how to not be wearing the red vest with black stars that she put me in for school pictures. I came up with no thought that wouldn’t result in lots of trouble…have the pictures to prove it.

    Love the shirt. the cigarette is classic!


    • You have to smoke around the Wayward Teens — it makes them think you’re tough! My most embarrassing school picture outfit has to be the Garfield the Cat overall-dress with the matching blouse underneath… but I THOUGHT I looked GREAT!


  2. Chuckweasel

    I thought your favorite shirt was the one where the little boy is peeing on Jeff Gordon’s #24 Race Car?? Somebody play Freebird you keep yelling everytime you have it on. Just sayin.


  3. Homemade stuff definitely comes back around.

    Hurray for rainbow knee socks, too!


  4. whoa, I remember making puffy paint t-shirts for my daughter until she got older to rebuff my craftiness. You mean I have hope for my box of puffy paints packed away for my coolness to return!

    The cigarette is a nice touch Dear Sweet Momma.


    • I didn’t even know DSM could do puffy paints and be-dazzles until I got this shirt! She is a veritable font of crafty-knowledge, like Martha Stewart without the prison tattoos.


  5. Dear Sweet Mama

    A million gazillion welcomes back at you, DSG (dearsweetgirl) – I am thinking of new “girls on a jaunt” shirts for our next experience. The earrings for Alaska were nice, but the guy’s underwear was oh so much better. Clothing just makes it all so very cool. Be waiting – and be afraid, be very afraid. Love you.


  6. I have an iPhone, did you know that?
    Also, the pregnant, drinking, smoking stick figure is on our state flag here. Or maybe it’s a palm tree.


  7. I think your DSM needs to make ones saying “I am not a wayward adult.” Or maybe, “I am a wayward adult.” Both work.


  8. Awesome shirt 🙂 Even cooler if it comes with rainbow socks, has DSM considered releasing her own line of clothing to the public?


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