Results Time!

I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath (unlike me, who just has “baity” breath following this weekend’s Sushi-Splosion) for the results of our very first-ever episode of C’est Vrai, You Suck.

So, without further ado:  It seems most of y’all agree with me in my schizophrenic way (yes, I had pieces of my brain arguing both positions on this one — get used to it).  To wit, Chuckweasel probably could have stood to eat a little shit in order to keep food on the table, but at the same time, HOW DARE THEY FIRE OUR CHUCKWEASEL???  BASTARDS!!!  I don’t know if this means I’m right or just means I’ve found a bunch of twisted bitches just like me, but either way, yay us!

The weird thing is the way people at work are treating me (I may not have mentioned this, but Chuckweasel and I work(ed) together).  Anyhoo, the evil sneaky ones who we have since discovered were most to blame for the firing of Chuckweasel? (In that they went running and told the boss on him — how adult!) Them fuckers did not speak to me for 2 solid weeks except when they absolutely had to for work-related bidness — and even then, THERE WAS FEAR.  Lovely, delicious fear.  And this is even before I’d completely found out what they’d done!  One of them (the one I KNEW would break first) came over and apologized to me… um, sweetie?  An apology is an admission of GUILT.

The rest of the staff — including and almost especially McManagement — is treating me like a candidate for the Home for Confederate Widows.  I get more “So, how are you doing?” ‘s and “How are you holding up?” ‘s than I ever thought possible… Hey, people, seriously?  Chuckweasel was FIRED, not killed in glorious battle!

But I gotta admit… I do enjoy the fear.



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4 responses to “Results Time!

  1. Aha brilliant, baity breath made me chuckle 🙂

    Finally some results and yay we were on the winning team….there was a winning team right?
    Having the fear from people when you’ve not been evil is the best power EVER. Your queen of them all and there is no reason to feel guilty – Enjoy 🙂 Maybe make yourself a crown to wear at the office too, call it, your widowed crown (but we’ll know the truth) 🙂


    • Any team we are on is the winning team — I have decreed it so and I am the Queen of Teams! I love it when people are afraid of me even BEFORE I give them a reason to be! Now I’m off to buy a half-price New Year’s Eve crown to be my “mourning hat.”


  2. Dear Sweet Mama

    Well, dear sweet baby – into every life a little shit must fall – okay, actually it is rain but you better duck like hell cause it is really shit. Chuckweasel has now learned a lesson from the Light of the Universe and warn him She does NOT like to have to repeat her lessons. Now, up and attem and on to life – find another job, and know when to hold em, fold em, etc.


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