Sushi-Splosion 2010

It’s time, yo.

It’s time for Sushi-Splosion 2010!

One of the weird traditions I have developed over many years of living by myself is that I always gorge out on sushi on New Year’s Eve.  It started when I lived in a different town, that had THE WORLD’S MOST WONDERFUL SUSHI RESTAURANT (by Wes’ BYGAWD Virginny standards, which basically means they knew the difference between sushi and bait).  I was feeling very morose about myself that year and decided that — since everybody in the world had somebody to be with on New Year’s except me — I would drown my sorrows in sushi (and sake).  Then the next year, I was visiting Dear Sweet Mama for the holidays, and we actually did the Sushi-Splosion in a RESTAURANT (la-di-dah, fancy!).

This year, I will return to the more traditional approach to the ‘splosion — my order is already placed with the WORLD’S SECOND MOST WONDERFUL SUSHI RESTAURANT where they get extra bonus points for making a beautiful design out of the sushi (last year it was a fish).  I will be picking it up this afternoon, then going home to sit on my couch, watch shit movies and cram raw fish down my neck.  Happy New Year, y’all!  I’m so glad to have “met” you!

Love, HH

PS — For all you Chuckweasel fans out there — he does not partake of the ‘Splosion because he would rather be hit in the face with a ball-peen hammer than eat sushi.  I know this because every time I make him try a piece, he lets it fall out of his mouth like a cat with a jelly-bean.  So Calpurnia Jean gets the pieces I don’t want (like the eel pieces, those are gross).



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6 responses to “Sushi-Splosion 2010

  1. Aww I want to come join in your sushi ‘splosion!!! We don’t have any sushi round here apart from the teeny “lunch” packs from posh food stores – and I haven’t the patience to make it from scratch lol!!


    • one thing I have vowed to myself is that I will NEVER live anywhere that doesn’t have at least one tolerably-decent sushi restaurant, ’cause those little pre-made packs aren’t big enough and I think any attempt to make my OWN sushi would end in tears. Or violence. Aw, who am I kidding… with tears AND violence.


      • or blowfish poisoning or something much safer to leave it to the professionals. We don’t have any like that anywhere nearby – me thinks a business opportunity is being missed!


  2. Dear Sweet Mama

    I will be thinking of your fishy smelling self tonight, my sweetie – and hopefully munching down on burritos and margaritas – early though, for dear sweet mama is now old dear sweet mama and don’t always make it til midnight. And it is insane cleaning and getting ready for the open house weekend.


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