C’est Vrai, You Suck

First off, a tip o’ the mouse to Marinka for getting this whole idea started with her always-hilarious “I’m Right, You’re Wrong!” — without which we never would have thought of turning conflict mediation over to the vagaries of blog comments.  And now, for our first dilemma…

THE SITUATION: Here’s roughly what happened (identifying details omitted):  Someone called to complain and got all motherfucker at Chuckweasel, so Chuckweasel got all motherfucker back.  Fast forward a few hours later, the phone rings, Chuckweasel is fired.

POSITION THE FIRST: You don’t have to take that kind of crap and you should stand up for yourself.

POSITION THE SECOND: Sometimes you have to eat a little shit so you will still be able to afford to eat other things.

So, what do you think?  Dear Sweet Mama and Chuckweasel are, of course, disqualified from playing since I already know what they think (because I told them!).  We’ll break down the results later.



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6 responses to “C’est Vrai, You Suck

  1. Here’s my thinking… if your job is to deal with “customers” aka “the public” it is your job to deal with them in a way that represents the company that pays you. If you don’t, I would totally expect the company to fire me/you. If it’s a co-worker or manager or whatever that goes off on you, again, as an adult, you need to handle it in an adult manner no matter how angry you get. So any losing your cool or going motherfucker on someone’s ass is subject to getting fired in my book and also subjects you to the unemployment line. Sure, I would TRY to contain myself to keep a roof over my head. So-called pride don’t pay the bills. I would also look for another job if the one I had made me feel like I was taking a beating. Of course, I know no details of this, or what was said ect, so it’s easy for me to say “You’re wrong, you got busted, and thus you should be fired.”


  2. I pretty much agree with Laura I had a bad customer related thing today and it’s all about keeping it professional. If however the other person (maybe a friend or colleague) isn’t being professional and is just being personal then my viewpoint changes to kick their damn ass for crossing the line. If it’s a customer though I generally know they can’t touch me really, I am polite and just find it amusing how het up they get….then blog about it later. I think there should always be a blur between position one and two – you should in most cases eat a little shit and try calm things down because said person is a doofus-head and likes to shout so they can hear their own voice, however there naturally comes a point where everyone has had enough and retaliates back with a full load of crap. I think you have to keep your head enough to know which side the conversation falls on (them being excessive and you calming it down or them crossing the line and you kicking their asses) and then act accordingly, if you get all worked up from the very first moment your doomed before you begin, and no one can defend themselves well while yelling – except me cause I’m well practised and also use physical violence.(which is a joke and don’t let D tell you differently)

    Poor chuck weasel though a very Merry Christmas for him 😦


    • It’s different when a customer is complaining TO you because it’s not you they are mad at really, but when they are complaining ABOUT you it makes it harder to be diplomatic and you get all defensive cause this person is verbally attacking you. Me warrior, me defend tribe, me go all caveman on your asses.


  3. I need to add that voodoo is helpful in some of these cases.


  4. I managed a retail store for 4 years, so I just had to comment here. I agree with the other commenters that sometimes, you DO have to eat a little shit with customers. But there are times when lines are crossed. Real life examples of shit that actually happened in my store that I wouldn’t have fired anyone for losing their cool over: 1. The time a group of teenagers spent the duration of their check-out experience mocking one of my cashiers, a Japanese girl, for her unusual name to the point where she broke down into sobs, but not before finishing the transaction. She should have punched those little fuckers in the face. 2. The time I wouldn’t let a 30 year old woman use her daddy’s credit card because she was not authorized to do so and she told me and my cashier to go fuck ourselves and commented on the cashier’s sexuality and called him a douche bag. He actually said to me “Jaclyn, I’m gonna get myself fired” And I told him that I would absolutely not fire him if he called her a stupid bitch. 3. The confirmed mental patient who called our store several times a days, for days in a row, over the course of years asking for the same bag that we hadn’t carried in like 5 years. She would speak to one cashier and get told we didn’t have it, so she would wait 5 minutes and call and ask someone else. She did that like 4 or 5 times in a day. We wouldn’t hear from her for weeks or months, then she would start calling every day again. And when she was on a day pass she would come to the store and corner you into talking to her for an hour. About bags we didn’t have. How many we didn’t have and what colors and what price. It got to the point where we would either hang up on her or just walk away because I didn’t have time for that shit, and neither did my people. 4. The woman who spent 15 minutes lecturing me about how I was incompetent and I needed to learn how to serve my customers because she she never activated her store credit card and we couldn’t look it up for her. When I offered to call card services, she made repeated racist comments to the overseas representative about how she didn’t trust “a stranger from Indonesia” with her social security number. When another cashier glanced in her direction at the scene she was causing, she barked “what are YOU looking at”…. when another manager came over to try to calm her down she told him “I have enough people helping me already. Nobody asked you to come over here- you can LEAVE now”.
    So I agree that sometimes you need to just take it. But I don’t believe that people should just be allowed to say absolutely anything to you with no consequences. Sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself.


    • So far, none of our friends in the same industry can believe he actually got FIRED for that… most of us have done something MUCH worse! Welcome to the blog, come back soon!


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