Love Is In the Air

So now that Jess has gone and found herself a Julie Andrews-lookalike to… sightsee with this holiday season, it is making this young (shut up) gal’s fancy also turn to love…

The first crush I can ever remember having, well actually there were three of them at pretty much the same time.  Anyway, they were Justin the Rat from The Secret of NIMH, Optimus Prime (from the old-skool Transformers cartoon), and the fox-version of Robin Hood from the Disney animated movie.  Yes, I know 2 of them were animals and the other was a robot truck, but DON’T YOU JUDGE ME!

See, it kind of makes sense… Justin and Robin Hood were both handsome (yes, I know, but they just ARE), dashing in a swashbuckling kind of way, handy with swords, and had GREAT THIGHS (go back and watch the movies, see if I’m wrong).  All three of the “boys” were Good-with-a-capital-G but also seemed to have a little bit of dangerous… and they were just so sweet and kind you couldn’t stand it.  I also had a thing for 2 GI Joes (from the old cartoon): Scarlett (because she was TOUGH) and Snake-Eyes (because he was MUTE)… but I was pretty sure the Baronness would be more fun.

The weird thing is, if you put all those crushes into a blender and sprinkled the result with a liberal dose of Johnny-Depp-as-Captain-Jack-Sparrow and served it over a heaping stack of Original-Series-Captain-Kirk… you’d get something remarkably like Chuckweasel.  Except for the sword part, but I’m sure he could learn.  And he’s not actually a weasel… or a robot… but everything else is pretty spot on.

Is it time for my meds yet? : )



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5 responses to “Love Is In the Air

  1. So happy that you found your dream cartoon animal, too.

    That sounded better in my head, but I think you know what I mean.


    • This blog has largely become a series of stories I really shouldn’t tell anyone… but YOU PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THEM! Isn’t the interweb wonderful?
      PS — I’m not complaining, but it does seem a little unfair that you got Julie Andrews and I got an animated rodent… you must’ve cheated!
      : )


  2. Ohhhh Optimus Prime….How I love the. I tell the mountain man all the time I’d leave him for a 26 ft alien robot.


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