It’s a Trick… Get an Axe

I’ve been sort of halfway paying attention to all the cities/states/etc having votes on whether or not to legalize medical marijuana and it has dawned on me that IT IS A TRICK!  It is all a PLOY by THE MAN!

And here’s how it works:  The voters of Stonerville say “Yeah, man, we should totally legalize pot, man?  And is that Freedom Rock, man?” And then our good friend Farmer Ted packs up all his pot crop and heads into town to sell his harvest to the brand-new Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

AND THAT’S HOW THEY GET YOU!  The police just happen to be at the brand-new Medical Marijuana Dispensary when Farmer Ted arrives, and they say, ” Hey there, Ted!  That sure is a lot of ripe, mature marijuana you’ve got there… considering it’s only been legal since TUESDAY.”  BAM!  Another struggling entrepreneur shut down and another farm that John Cougar Mellencamp has to sing about.

It’s just like when the sheriff’s department sends out a bunch of letters to parole violators and what-not saying “Congratulations!  You won a boat!”  And then you… errr… THEY go down there to get the boat and there ain’t no boat, just handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit.  And that’s just not as good.



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5 responses to “It’s a Trick… Get an Axe

  1. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant I hadn’t thought of it that way, your blog is going to save me….I mean farmers so much hassle!


  2. You just blew my mind. Or, I could be incredibly high. Hard to tell.


  3. shut up, don’t pretend you didn’t want that boat!


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