Okay, That’s Weird *** UPDATED***

A while ago, I woke up in the morning only to discover that I had prepared and eaten not one, but TWO peanut butter and jelly sandwiches… IN MY SLEEP.  Was slightly concerned I might have that weird sleep-eating thing like on the Discovery Channel, but it didn’t happen again, so no worries.

Well, it happened again.  I appear to have attempted to make seafood salad last night without my actual knowledge.  I say attempted, because I only got as far as shredding up the fake krab and getting out the veggies and the cutting board.  THANK GOD some kind of survival instinct kicked in and stopped me from actually using a knife in my sleep.  Unfortunately, my inner chef then decided to store the bowl full of shredded krab not in the fridge, but in the microwave, so I had to throw it out.

But what the hell, man?

UPDATE:  So, most wise and all-knowing Mother and I have decided it may be a Nyquil plus antidepressants thing… or it may be a quitting smoking thing… we shall see.



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6 responses to “Okay, That’s Weird *** UPDATED***

  1. Dear Sweet Mama

    OK – assuming you are not taking any ambien, you may need to start putting you car keys somewhere hard to get to if you decide to go for takeout – seriously, it can happen. You were a wicked sleepwalker as a child, going so far as to drag a chair to the door to get the high chain loose so you could get out – all while fast asleep. And seriously, tell your doctor. Decrease your use of alcohol. Make sure you don’t go to sleep hungry. Jeez. Weird.


  2. I wish I were as productive in my sleep as you are. I could accomplish so much. Possibilities are endless!


  3. So my first response was going to be “You make your own seafood salad? That’s awesome!”

    And then I realized that using a knife in sleep part. Yes, dangerous, but I think it just means you’re even more talented.


    • this is why I love my commenters… they know what’s REALLY important! “So what, you used a knife in your sleep? You’re okay, right? So stop bitching and go get me some seafood salad!” : )


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